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SAOC represent 80% of South Africa’s private practice oncologists with inclusion of all sub disciplines such as Medical and Radiation Oncology, Clinical Haematology as well as Paediatric Oncology. 

Membership Requirements Before Applying

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Eligibility for Membership

Eligibility criteria for admission to the South African Oncology Consortium (SAOC)

1. SAOC participants must be able to administer or have access to facilities and network colleagues who can administer both Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy

2. SAOC Network Doctors must: Have current registration with HPCSA;

a. Have current registration with a relevant specialist College;

b. Agree to prescribe treatment in accordance with to SAOC protocols;

c. Agree to conditions set out within SAOC shareholders agreement;

d. Adhere to ICD10, NAPPI and SAOC condition/costing coding lists;

e. Agree to have practice facilities accredited by an external accreditation body nominated by the network within 12 months of joining the network.

3. Facilities:
1 a. Radiation therapy Physical requirements of unit: Equipment must
posses both dual energy photon energies and electron therapy

b. Treatment facilities must be able to deliver 3D conformal therapy.

4 . Chemotherapy Physical requirements of unit:
1. Adequate chairs /recliners / beds / examination areas to accommodate
the number of physicians / patients utilizing the facility;
2. Adequate and appropriate storage facilities including refrigeration for
3. Adequate facilities for preparation and administration of chemotherapy
a. laminar flow unit;
b. disposal / waste facilities.

5. Staffing Requirements
1. Appropriately qualified registered specialist Oncologists to be present
within the facility during periods of chemotherapy administration;
2. Appropriately qualified registered Oncology Nurses. Minimum of 2 to be
present in the event of mixing being done by an Oncology Nurse;
3. Appropriately qualified, registered and experienced medical physicists
responsible for implementation of SOPs relating to all aspects of QA/QC
of machinery and treatment delivery;
4. Appropriately qualified registered Therapy Radiographers. Minimum of 2
radiographers to be present during therapy;
5. Appropriate qualified administrative staff to comply with authorisation /
billing procedures.

6. Management of Emergencies
1. Adequate CPR training for all nursing staff
2. Adequately stocked 'crash trolley' immediately available for medical
emergencies including management of drug induced anaphylaxis;
3. Access to appropriate hospital facilities in event of life threatening

7. Documentation
1. Accurate patient records/prescription details/administration details incl
physics/medical/nursing/administrative process notes to be present and
2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) relating to all aspects of
administration of radiation, oncology nursing and administrative
procedures to be current and available on site;
3. Protocols governing disease treatments/special precautions and
treatment related emergencies to be current and available on site.

8. Patient support infrastructure
1. Access to Counsellors;
2. Patient information centre detailing disease / treatment / toxicity

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Membership Application Procedure

All membership applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

1. Application Letter

2. Personal CV or Biographical Sketch (not more than 2 pages)

3. Signed SAOC Non Disclosure Agreement - NDA Document

4. Personal & Practice Detail Document - P&P Document

The joining fee is R8,000.00

Applications must be submitted to Mrs. Maryke Duvenhage on or faxed to 086 551 5147