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Proudly providing 16 years of Quality Oncology Managed Health Care

The South African Oncology Consortium is proud to announce 17 years of Quality Oncology Managed Health Care Services.

One of the many services we provide is our highly specialised Utilisation Review Committee (URC) which includes primarily two main functions:

- Peer review and utilisation review, as well as

- Oncology treatment guideline development and maintenance.

We are proud to say that we are the ONLY registered Managed Health Care Origination with a true anonymous realtime Peer-to-Peer Review Panel infrastructure making provision for ALL cancer groups including specialised sub-panels. The committees include:

-      Radiation Therapy

-      Haematology

-      Stem Cell Transplants

-      Breast Cancer

-      Paediatric Cancer

-      Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Tract Cancer

-      Gynaecological and Urogenital Cancer

-      Cancers of the Central Nervous System and other cancers such as Melanoma

-      Brachytherapy Committee

-      Various specialised Radiation Therapy Committees such as for IMRT & LU-177

Additional Panels include the review of:

-      PET/CT scans

-      OncoType Dx

SAOC is the ONLY official organisation with Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Guidelines as well as a Formal Peer-to-Peer Review System performed by highly professional oncologists in that field.

Shareholding in SAOC has increased considerably making it by far the largest Oncology network in South Africa, and still growing. We are confident to say that we represent the best oncologists in the country with inclusion of all sub disciplines such as Medical and Radiation Oncology, Clinical Haematology as well as Paediatric Oncology. This provides us with the ability to ensure that the highest quality treatment review services are obtained as set out above.

SAOC’s contracts with administrators and medical schemes, now including the benefit options of the largest medical schemes in the country. This year it has also concluded contracts with some of the lower income schemes, a trend that is also developing

We are proud to say that we are associated with the best schemes and administrators in South Africa and we are looking forward to expanding new relationships with other funders in 2020.

SAOC believes that private healthcare in South Africa is only sustainable through active, efficient working relationships between care providers, healthcare funders, pharmaceutical companies as well as patients.

We strive to unite oncologists, funders as well as pharmaceutical companies with the common goal of appropriate and cost-effective quality care and sustainability of the specialty of oncology in South Africa.

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