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Treatment Authorisation and URC Peer Review Turnover Time

The SAOC URC Peer Review Turnover Time for cases reviewed is at the most 72 hours, this being said it is subject to comprehensive clinical information submitted with the first request as well as the response time if questions are asked and additional information is requested.

We again call on all parties to make every attempt to ensure that adequate and comprehensive clinical information is submitted with the first request and responses to questions are provided as soon as possible.

This will go a long way to ensure that patients and treatment schedules are in no way compromised and recommendations are received within the 72 hour timeline.

Information includes but are not limited to:
1. The TNM staging more specifically Breast Ca at diagnosis
2. Treatment History
- When a specific treatment was started – Start Date
- When a specific treatment was stopped
- Response to that treatment (indicating PR/SD/PD etc.)
3. Please indicate the correct dosages on the treatment plan.
4. Motivation letter for treatment plan not indicated on the guidelines.
5. Essential documentation - Histology Report, two most recent scans done or bloods depending on diagnosis
6. Please provide current blood lab reports (done now) for all Stem Cell Transplant requests to indicate response

Your co-operation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.
Kindly be informed that the SAOC authorisation platform is available free of charge to all facilities accredited with the SAOC and is NOT limited to shareholders.

All panel doctors provide a voluntary service and none of our panelists benefit directly or indirectly from any clinical or commercial incentives of any kind.
Our vision is to provide the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective care to patients within funding constrains and protect funders from unnecessary spending

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